COBOL FAQ Interview Question

1.         Which one of the following is an INCORRECT specification  for a data-nme?

a)                  LAST-NAME
b)                  1234
c)                  12A3
d)                 SALES
2.         Which of the following is an INVALID paragraph name ?

            a)         999
            b)         A-1
            c)         A+1
            d)         XX9
3.         Level numbers range from  _____  to _____ .

            a)         00,  49
            b)         01,  50
            c)         01,  49
            d)         00,  50
4.         Two data names at the same level within a record must
a)                  be unique
b)                 not necessarily unique
c)                  necessarily unique
d)                 none of the above
5.         With COBOL 85 the use of the word FILLER.

a)                  cannot be ommitted
b)                  is used to  report memory usage
c)                  can be omitted entirely
d)                 is a form feed control command to the printer

6.         The maximum number of digits in a  numeric item  is

a)         16
b)         17
c)         18
d)         20

7. Which of the following is not a VALID COBOL figurative constant

a)                  ZERO
b)                  ZEROS
c)                  ONES
d)                 QUOTES

8.         A  STOP RUN statement

a)                  must appear only once in a program
b)                  can appear in several places in a program
c)                  was not available in COBOL 74
d)                 is used to stop the printer.

9.         The VALUE clause

a)                  is used to obtain the value of a variable.
b)                  is used to initialise a variable to a certain value.
c)                  cannot  be used in the data division  of a program.
d)                 cannot be used to initialise  a  nonnumeric varaible.

10.       Which of the following declarations is essential in the IDENTIFICATION            DIVISION.

a)         DATE-COMPILED.
b)         PROGRAM-ID.
c)         AUTHOR.
d)                  INSTALLATION.

11.       When the UNTIL option is used with PERFORM verb, the condition is     tested

                        a) before
            b)  after
                        c) before and after
                        d) not at all

the object of PERFORM is executed.


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