EXEC Statement and its Parameters

The PGM parameter specifies the Program to be executed. ACCT parameter is used to specify the accounting number of the Step, if it is different from the Job accounting number. PARM is used to send values to the program, when it is executed. REGION specifies the amount of storage a Job step can use. DPRTY is used to specify priority to the step. COND specifies the condition for executing subsequent Job step. TIME sets a CPU time limit for a Job step. Ex. //step1 exec pgm=prog1,parm='aa',region=64k

Upto 255 Job steps are possible in a single Job.

By using ‘PARM’ parameter in the EXEC statement or through sysin statement.

Time, Region and Cond parameters 

Time parameter is used to specify the amount of CPU time that a job or job step is permitted to use before it terminates. TIME parameter can be specified both on JOB and EXEC statements. The Time parameter specified in EXEC statement will override the TIME parameter specified on the JOB statement.


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