DeleteQ TD Command

The DELETEQ TD command
                       EXEC CICS
                                         DELETEQ TD QUEUE(name)
                                        [ SYSID(name) ]

QUEUE One to four character queue name.

SYSID Connection name of the remote system where this queue is defined.

DISABLED The queue has been disabled

INVREQ The queue is an extrapartition queue.

ISCINVREQ An undeterminable error occurred on the remote system that has the queue.

QIDERR The specified queue does not exist.

SYSIDERR The system defined by SYSID could not be located or accessed.

  1. Although the reads to a TD queue are destructive, the space occupied by the deleted records is not released until you issue a DELETEQ TD.
  1. The DELETEQ TD just deletes any unread records and reclaims space from deleted records. The destination itself is not deleted.
  1. You can issue a DELETEQ TD only against an intrapartition TD queue.


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