Difference between Intrapartition and Extrapartition in TDQ

The following transient data resources can be managed using RDO:
  1. Intrapartition queue, that can be accessed from only within the CICS region.
  1. Extrapartition queues can be accessed both by the CICS region as well as by a batch program running in another address space.
  1. Indirect queue is one which points to another queue.
  1. Remote queue is one hosted on another CICS image either on this or a remote system.
An extrapartition destination can reside on any device that is valid for QSAM. CICS stores intrapartition queues in a VSAM file pointed to by DFHNTRA.
You use the TDQUEUE definition to describe the physical and operational characteristics of a transient data queue.

Intrapartition definitions contain attributes that provide information about recovery characteristics, trigger levels, associated transactions, facilities, and userids.
Extrapartition definitions contain information about the associated QSAM data set, and the number of buffers that are to be used.


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