What is Difference between TSQ & TDQ?

(1) In Temporary Storage Queues Data is read randomly, 
While in Transient Data Queues data must be read 

(2) In a TSQ data can be read any number of 
times as it remains in the queue until the entire Queue is 
deleted. In TDQ data item can be read once only. To reuse 
the TDQ it must be closed and reopened. 

(3) Data can be 
changed in TSQ, but not in TDQ. 

(4) TSQ can be written to 
Auxiliary or Main Storage, while TDQ is written to Disk. 
Temporary storage is a holding place, while Transient data 
is always associated with destination. 

(5) TSQ name is 
defined dynamically, while a TDQ name need to be defined in 
the DCT. Note: An application uses TSQ 's to pass info' 
from task to task, while a TDQ to accumulate records before 
processing or send data for external use, such as a print 
operation or other.


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