What is TSQ?

Temporary Storage provides a scratchpad area for applications to store data for short term use. One example of usage is passing data between executions of a pseudo conversational program.

Temporary Storage, also called TS is divided into TS queues and records, which are also known as items. It is incorrect to relate the term record to a file based record. A TS record or item size can be different for the record size of the underlying data set. The underlying data set over which TS is implemented is pointed to by DFHTEMP dd name in the CICS startup. This is a VSAM ESDS file, set up by the systems programmer. All CICS instance wide TS queues use this one file and the application programmer need not be bothered about setting this file up.

You do not need to define TS queues to CICS if you do not want them to be recoverable, or under syncpoint control. Be aware though that if you do need to define them, online CEDA does not support TS queue definitions. You have to code assembler macros and assemble and Link edit the definition into the CICS libraries. This is a system programmer / CICS administrators job.


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