WriteQ TD Command

The WRITEQ TD command
               EXEC CICS
                         WRITEQ TD QUEUE(name)
                         [ LENGTH(data-value) ]
                         [ SYSID(name) ]

QUEUE Specifies the one to four character name of the transient data queue where the data is to be written.

FROM Specifies the data area from where the record is to be written.

LENGTH Specifies a half word PIC S9(4) COMP field that indicates the length of the record that is to be written.

SYSID Specifies the one to four character connection name that points to a remote system.

Exception Conditions:
DISABLED The destination is disabled

INVREQ Another task has the extrapartition queue open for input.

IOERR An I/O error occurred

ISCINVREQ An undeterminable error occurred at the remote system.

LENGERR The length specified exceeds the maximum record length allowed for the destination.

NOSPACE There is not enough space allocated to the destination to contain the record.

NOTOPEN The destination is not open

QIDERR The destination specified in the call is not defined to CICS (either via RDO or DCT).

SYSIDERR The remote system could not be located or accessed.

  • There are two types of queues. One is intrapartition and implemented on VSAM ESDS pointed to by DFHNTRA. The other is a QSAM and is an extrapartition queue.
  • An intrapartition queue can have ATI with a specified trigger level. One common use of ATI is for printing applications.
  • To have exclusive use of the queue use CICS ENQ and DEQ.


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