Interview Question and Answer-MF


1.    Where do we use TSQs 
                Data in TSQ is stored as VSAM files
a.    Pageup and Pagedown Logic
b.    For writing Log Details (as we cant use Displays in CICS)

2.    How do we access the TSQ using a Key field
a.    Using RIDFIELD

3.    What is Sync Point and why is called as 2 Phase Commit
a.    Sync point is issued to save the data till that LUW.
b.    This is called as 2 Phase commit as , first it saves the data pertaining to File, Db2 then CICS data.
4.    I would like to generate only Input field (along with A, F, L) and not Output files in my Symbolic Map, how to achieve this ?
a.    Use Mode = IN   , in BMS macro
5.    How do you position your cursor on Map.
a.    Code   IC, in Attribute field of BMS macro of respective field
b.    Move -1 to Length field of respective field
c.    Using SEND MAP    CURSOR ( 100 )
6.    How do you test Physical Map layout in CICS region.
a.    Use CECI send Map () Mapset()
7.    What’s the debugging tool used for CICS
a.    We use CEDF/Intertest/Expeditor.
8.    How do you test / check the Cobol flow thru CEDF
a.    Use the Option TRACE
9.    How do Read a Vsam file  from Bottom to Top
a.    Move HIGH-VALUES to WS-KEY  and read previous
10.                       How do you execute Even steps in a job. Eg . execute only step2 in below example
//job1    job   ACC, Class=a,
    1. We can use the utility IEBEDIT or Use COND parameter. To skip first step useCOND=ONLY, (this will flush the step1)


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