DeletQ TS Command (TSQ)

The DELETQ TS command
             EXEC CICS
                      DELETQ TS QUEUE(name)
                      [ SYSID(name) ]

QUEUE One to eight character queue name.

SYSID Connection name of the remote system where this queue is defined.

INVREQ The queue was created for CICS internal use and cannot be written into by a user program.

ISCINVREQ An undeterminable error occurred on the remote system that has the queue.

QIDERR The specified queue does not exist.

SYSIDERR The system defined by SYSID could not be located or accessed.

  1. TS queues are automatically created when you write a record to a queue that does not exist. Once created they have to be explicitly deleted using the DELETQ command.
  1. Queues can be created in virtual storage or via DFHTEMP in a vsam ESDS file.
  1. You can create a unique queue name by using the value in EIBTRMID field of the EIB.
  1. Another way to delete a queue is to issue CEBR and issue a purge command. Since queues can be deleted so easily, checking of QIDERR is a must.


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